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The Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies

A biannual publication since 1983, The Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies is devoted to comparative studies of literature, languages, philosophy, sociology, archaeology, theology and other disciplines of Asian cultural and literary sensibility. The primary objective of the JIAS is to promote interdisciplinary investigation of the art and cultures of the peoples of Asia with a view to bringing out their deep-rooted affinities. The JIAS is also a rich source of bibliographical information relating to research on Asian culture all over the world. The JIAS promotes inter-disciplinary investigation of Asian art and culture in a wider perspective to bring out their deep-rooted affinities.

Over the years, the JIAS has established itself as a respected research periodical carrying scholarly articles on various aspects of Asian Studies, particularly with a focus on South India. The JIAS is a veritable mine of information for students of Asian Studies and includes contributions by scholars writing not only on aspects of South Indian literature and culture, but also on many inter-disciplinary studies of pan-Asian culture.

The Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies invites junior and senior scholars to submit articles about aspects of South and East Asian culture from these disciplinary perspectives:

Literature Linguistics Arts & Humanities Social Sciences
Eastern Philosophy Religion Cultural Anthropology Folklore

Articles are scrutinized by an editorial board consisting of:

  • Dr. P. Thiagarajan, Editor
  • Dr. J.B. Santiago, Associate Editor
  • Mrs. Sharina Appanna, Associate Editor
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