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Department of Translation

Dr M.S. Nagarajan
M.A. A.M. (Chicago), Ph.D.
Professor and Head

The Department of Translation is a primary wing of the Institute of Asian Studies. The Department of Translation effectively co- ordinates with all the other departments and offers them editorial assistance in their publications. All publications of the Institute are in English; and all are channelized through the Department of Translation.

Dr M.S. Nagarajan, M.A. A.M. (Chicago), Ph.D., Professor and Head
Area of specialisation: Modern literary theory and criticism, English translation

Prof. M.S. Nagarajan was a Fulbright scholar at the University of Chicago and the University of California, Isirine; a UGC Visiting Fellow at Oxford and Cambridge. He has been teaching English for forty years at all levels and has published widely in Indian journals and periodicals.

Currently Dr. Nagarajan is on sabbatical in the United States.

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